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Mediation is a good option if you and your partner can agree on a neutral person to assist both of you in reaching an agreement. The lawyers at Evans Family Law are trained in mediation and can assist both of you in this process.

In the mediation process, the mediator is a neutral professional. The mediator’s role is to work with both spouses to explore mutual interests and to help you reach an agreement. The mediator cannot give legal advice to either spouse, but a mediator with legal training and family law experience can provide useful information that can help you and your partner reach a mutual agreement.

Mediation is a voluntary process and requires commitment from both spouses to a process that is focused on resolution without going to court. It is well-suited for those interested in a confidential and cost-effective process.

Still wondering if Mediation is right for you?

Evans Family Law offers a free ten-minute telephone inquiry if you have questions about mediation. Please call 204-992-3248 to schedule your telephone inquiry about this process.

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