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Minoomii nindizhinikaaz, Ma’iingan nindoodem, Peguis Nindoonjii. Niin-Anishinaabekwe miinawaa Ininiwi-iskwew.

Since her youth, Alyssa has experienced many types of family dynamics. This gives her a deep understanding of how complicated families and family issues can get, as well as a firm belief that many family issues can be resolved. Separating parents and partners, blended families, and the drastic life changes that can impact families are all things that Alyssa has experienced firsthand. She recognizes the importance of finding creative solutions to achieve balance when helping families deal with whatever issues they may be facing.

Alyssa’s life experience, and exclusive focus on family law, gives her a perspective and skillset that she uses to help clients navigate a difficult point in their lives efficiently and with empathy.

Alyssa graduated with her Juris Doctorate from the University of Manitoba in 2019 and was called to the Bar in June 2020. Alyssa has volunteered as an executive member with the Manitoba Indigenous Law Students’ Association, Student Pipeline Action Committee, LEVEL’s Indigenous Youth Outreach Program and is working on building community within the Manitoba Indigenous Bar. Alyssa’s connection to her family, extended relatives and larger community keeps her grounded in the teachings that she was raised with, and which she brings into her practice.



  • Juris Doctorate, University of Manitoba
  • Diploma of Professional Photography
  • Professional Associations:
  • Indigenous Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Law Society of Manitoba