Our Approach to Collaborative Family Law

Are you wondering if using collaborative law is right for you and your separating spouse or partner? Greg Evans explains the benefits of collaborative law and how this process can help you reach a settlement for your family.


The Role of Professionals in the Collaborative Process

Collaborative family law involves a team of professionals assisting a separating or divorcing couple. Greg Evans explains the roles of lawyers, family professionals, and financial professionals in the collaborative process.

Settlement Options

What kinds of settlement options are available to separating or divorcing couples? James Pullar describes the various options that are available to you and your separating spouse or partner.

Separation Agreements

Separation agreements are an important tool for couples who have separated. James Pullar describes the purpose of a separation agreement, what it involves, and why it might be important for you.

Cohabitation, Spousal and Prenuptial Agreements

Have you wondered if you need a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement? Greg Evans explains the purpose of these specialized agreements and how they might be appropriate for your relationship.

Assisted Reproduction

Why do you need a lawyer if you plan to have a child through assisted reproduction? Chau Tran explains the importance of using lawyers when going through the assisted reproduction process.


The legal processes involved with adopting a child can be confusing. Chau Tran explains the different kinds of adoptions and how Evans Family Law Corporation can help you through the legal processes.

Independent Legal Advice

Often separating couples or partners are asked to obtain independent legal advice when signing certain family law documents. Kelly Riediger explains the importance of independent legal advice and why it’s to your benefit.

Minimizing Costs

Legal processes can be expensive. Kelly Riediger offers practical suggestions for how to minimize your legal costs.

Office Procedures

You have made the decision to hire a lawyer at Evans Family Law Corporation. Chau Tran explains the processes involved in becoming a client of the firm.